Children’s Rainbow

 Despoina Theodoridou – 55~“Hide and Seek”

Friday June 10/2011

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55~Hide and seek~
Poem by: Despoina Theodoridou

Standing still, I close one eye;
Other’s open, admires blue sky!
Counting loud till fifty five;
Soon my girl, in “Rolls” will arrive!
Yikes! I say for cloud being grey;
At rain I yell: “Please go away!
Now’s ‘bout time, seek Margot,
Fifty four… fifty five…
“Ready, or not, here I come!”

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  1. smiles. spent many a day playing hide and seek...still do with my boys...much fun...

  2. How fun. I love hide and seek and your poem.

  3. What a sweet poem Despoina :) Keep writing always!